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When the Romans invaded in AD43-44, new innovations were introduced to the natives.

Wealthy Romans would have a hypocaust the first system of under-floor heating - to warm the sometimes harsh winters. The floor of the house was raised by pillars, which allowed warmth - perhaps from a kitchen fire - to flow around them and (heat rising principle applied) - warm the rooms above!

An incredible testimony to underfloor heatings longevity is Verulamium at St Albans. Verulamium was a Roman town for almost 400 years and significant parts of its fabric have been preserved, including, the underfloor heating system, mosaics and a theatre!

Today underfloor heating is commonly accepted as one of the most effective ways of heating, and Elektras renowned product quality, reliability and value means a cost efficient heating system with a very long life expectancy.  With a TEN-year guarantee on Elektra Heating Cable and Heating Mats, and a TWO-year guarantee on Controllers, if you only want to install underfloor heating once, make sure you install


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